My Mother said I was born with a paintbrush in my hand. I started going to art classes when I was seven years old and never stopped till I was in my late teens. My instructor was the late Jimmy Boujikian from Beacon. He was famous for the Army West Point illustrations for the football team as well as many other artworks, some of which he did for the Beacon Historical Society.

I received an Art Scholarship in high school that took me years to finish ending up with a degree in art, photography and interior design.

I'm also certified now to treat patients with PTSD, autism, and many other disabilities through art therapy. I love to teach and have tried all forms of mediums except stained glass which is on my list of things to do.

I served proudly for 6 years in the US Army as a Military Police Officer, but didn't feel I fit into the police field. However, I did enjoy my Army career.

I have worked in many different types of work fields, but I never gave up on my art no matter what job I had and have used my art skills in everything I've encountered in my life. I've also owned and operated an art based business selling my artwork. I have worked with many forms of art including jewelry making, graphic design and illustrations, tole painting, writing, felting, metal sculpting and fiber arts. I've written 4 children's books with 1 published so far, and a book of poetry along with my memoirs which I'm still working on. I live and breath arts and crafts.